Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Comments4teachers Post #3

Blogging and the Literacy Curriculum
By: Kathleen Morris

Comment #1

In her latest post, Mrs. Morris ultimately believes that students in today's classroom need to be writing as much as they can. She also believes that students should be doing a portion of this writing through blogging and I agree on both accounts. By blogging ten to twenty minutes a day, students get a break from pencil and paper and get technology experience. By this they are not only improving their literacy skills but they are sharing what they write with the world. There is no doubt that I would have taken my writing a little more serious when I was in grade school if I had an authentic audience! My comment went as follows: 

"Mrs. Morris,
Another EDM310 student here, and great post! It is really inspiring to see teachers actually using technology. It shows me that learning how to teach with technology right now, while I am still in college, is not in vein! I really liked the section on literature. I agree that in today’s world, reading books and writing on paper are not enough, and that in order to prepare students for the 21st century they need to be blogging! I love how you are not over doing it either. With that being said, ten to twenty minutes a day is a great idea! I look forward to reading future posts."

Looking Back, Looking Forward
By: Kathleen Morris

Comment #2

Mrs. Morris shares in this post that she will be on maternity leave and that the length of the leave is unknown. When getting ready for her interim teacher she began to "clean house" so to speak. She was getting rid of items in her classroom that did not fit in the modern classroom and worksheets was one of those items. She stated that busy work use to be the pride of her work but recently it makes her "cringe" and that "hands-on, authentic, collaborative, open-ended tasks have a much bigger impact on students." I agreed with her and my comment went as follows: 

"Mrs. Morris,
I am yet another student from South Alabama’s EDM310 class and I really enjoyed this post! From what I have seen, for some reason, it is very difficult for teachers to let go of “old” teaching ways and I admire that you have chosen to embrace change. I think that learning and growing as an educator is really important in the profession as a whole. As a student who grew up with 'busy work' I agree with you at how frivolous it can be in the 21st century classroom. Thank you for posting your ideas and I look forward to future posts!" 

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