Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Comments4kids - October Comments

C4K #5
My first C4K comment for the month of October was Eli in Ms. Epple's fourth and fifth grade class in British Columbia, Canada. Eli's post was titled "book" where he described a book he had read that told of an educator who re-taught the alphabet to students who already knew how to read and spell. My comment went as follows:


I am another student from South Alabama's EDM310 class. I haven't read the book you are describing but I agree that it would be boring to be taught the alphabet over again if you already know how to read. Keep up the good work!" 

The Pickles Blog

C4K #6
My second C4K comment for the month of October was a student in Ms. Mclean's class with the username YodaheT1. He drew a sketch for a project titled L.A. Project which looked like someone climbing a tree. My comment went as follows:

"That is a great picture! I really like the colors you used. Keep up the great work and keep blogging!"

To see YodaheT1's coloring click HERE!

C4K #7
My third comment for a student this month was for Andrew in Mr. Warren Grieve's fifth grade classroom at Medbury School for Boys in Christchurch, New Zealand. Mr. Grieve's class was focusing on how to write poems then and Andrew's poem was titled Mummy Memories. It was a great poem and my comment went as follows:

"Great post Andrew! To me, poems and writing in general take a lot of imagination and your story was packed full of it! Great post and keep up the good work."

Check out all of the posts at Medbury here.

C4K #8
My fourth and final student to comment of for this month was phenomenal. She attends Oregon Online School for Girls and her post was for the high school civics and government class. The teacher is Mike Gwaltnew. Allison's post was about the implications and consequences of reaching the debt ceiling and is titled Banging Our Heads on the Ceiling. I would encourage you to check out what this class is doing because every student writes really well and the topics are very interesting. My comment went as follows! 

My name is Daniel and I am a EDM310 student at The University of South Alabama. As a future secondary history and geography teacher, I really enjoyed reading this post on our government reaching its debt ceiling! You hit on some great (and scary) points in this well-written post that actually conveys the fact that we are “banging our heads” on the debt ceiling. Whether our government should cut spending on federal programs or raise taxes, I agree that the consequences from meeting the arbitrary debt limit will be felt financially here domestically as well as abroad. It is unfortunate that the outcome of this is out of our hands. Well, for now at least.
Great post! In the meantime, keep exploring, presenting, creating, and writing."

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