Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blog Post 1

How I Want My Classroom
When students enter my social studies classroom, I want them to feel like they can express any thought, idea, or opinion. My classroom will be a think-tank! The walls will be covered with posters of influential people of every era no matter their stand on issues or religion. There will be computers for research, and group tables for collaboration. I will encourage debate, research, digging, reading, and writing. We will cover state standards with discussion, group projects, papers, and activities.

Middle school social studies (grades 6th through 8th)

What I want my students to know.
I want my students to know the how, when, and why Columbus found the Caribbean. I also want my students to know what happened when he got there. Also, in their words, I want them to explain why we celebrate Columbus Day in America.
What I want my students to be able to do.
I want my students to be able to look up information and read for themselves on their own, with me as a facilitator. I want them to read personal accounts such as letters, and maps to form their own opinions and ideas about what happened.

What will be the primary way of teaching my students?
My primary method when teaching my students will basically be to facilitate learning, not to lecture. I want them to know how north America was founded and what happened in the first hundred years or so by researching and reading in groups of three. If they have questions, I will gladly help. Once I hear or read what they have learned, I will summarize by using what the students have written, while also adding information as I deem fit.

Tools I will use in my classroom.
The tools I will use for the majority of the time will be laptops or iPads. The programs on these computers will allow my students to research information and afterwards, use other programs to present their findings in a fun and structured manner.

Learning Environment
The role that students will play in my classroom. 
My students will be researchers! By reading, watching videos, and looking up fun facts about the era being covered, they will research any and all information about the subject. They will then be collaborators! They will collaborate their found information and compare it with other students. The learning environment will be relaxed and enjoyable. My students will WANT to discover historical information.