Friday, December 6, 2013

Final Blog Post - #16

Even though EDM310 has come to an end, the material I learned from it is just beginning. From this class I have learned to blog efficiently, comment properly, use technology, and revise myself and peer work. Through these I will be able to create a project-based learning environment in my classroom and pass on the tools to be a life-long learner to my students. By looking at my Blog Post #1 I can actually say that I would not change much about my classroom! I will however incorporate more projects to facilitate learning rather than just reading and writing. With my major being secondary history and geography, the possibilities are endless. My students will blog, act like travel agents to make brochures, and propose questions about history that is not common to normal high school students. My students will debate, create maps, political cartoons, and study music and paintings in order to create the best possible learning environment. Through tools like blogger, we will share data with other classrooms around the world. 

My method will be to basically let learning happen. Students today have so many things going on and technology has made it easier for them to be "connected." Because of this, education has to change. The same technology students are using outside of the classroom can be used inside for education purposes. Standing in front of a board lecturing will not be my approach because it did not work for me. I want my students to enter my classroom excited about what they are about to learn and leaving wondering what the next class session will hold. Online resources through a personal learning network will allow me to always be learning and growing as an educator. Through teacher collaboration we will work together to see what methods do work and eliminate those that do not. My blog post #1 lacked these things and closely resembled "burp back" education. Hopefully what I learned in EDM310 will change that. 

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  1. Be travel agents. What an interesting idea! In the past as well as the present.

    Don't "probably" avoid busy work. ABANDON it!

    Well done.