Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Post #1 

Annie Palmer's Breaking Education Barriers Blog

Ms. Palmer's latest blog was titled: Embarking on New Adventures. She shares that her newest teaching endeavor is being a reading interventionist. She enters this stage in life after ten successful years of teaching. Ms. Palmer says that all teachers have "moments of success and challenges in areas of teaching that we are more passionate about."Annie is passionate about reading, and everything to do with reading such as the instruction, motivation, and interventions. Her true joy comes when she helps children find amazing adventures in books which, in-turn, helps America's youth to be "life-long readers."
My comment to this blog post goes as follows...

"Ms. Palmer, It is nice to see a teacher pursuing their passions within the realm of education. I agree wholeheartedly that teaching students not only to read, but to be 'life-long readers' is very important. Reading is the foundation to almost everything academic, and is a very crucial factor when building upon education and that will ultimately 'eliminate some of the woes that face individuals and communities in our country.' Good luck on working on your leadership strengths in your new position, and I look forward to reading future posts."

Post #2

Unfortunately, Ms. Palmer has not published a new post since my previous summary, so I commented on the next to last one I could find. The title was Working Smarter, Not Harder: Setting Objectives. Annie says that the challenge with new and improved instruction is that there are so many new ideas out there, that educators may get too caught up in what is "new." It is important to focus on what works, rather than what is the newest idea. She also stresses that setting "end-of-lesson" objectives help keep her instruction focused. Then, after the lesson, re-visit those objectives to make sure they were met. 
My comment to this blog post goes as follows...

"Thank you for your post. As an aspiring teacher, I will definitely remember to focus on “research-based strategies that have been proven time and again to be effective… as opposed to the newest latest and greatest.” This will help me immensely, because lately it seems like there are so many new teaching strategies out there, and at times I feel like I am at a cross road, or even bogged down."


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  2. I really enjoyed reading your post Daniel! I find Ms. Palmer's idea of teaching students to be lifelong readers inspiring. I absolutely love to read and the reason for this is my elementary teachers were always introducing new books to us at an early age. For example, Shel Silverstein was one of the many authors my kindergarten teacher would share with us. This is where my love of reading came from. So I have to say what a great goal to pursue and I certainly hope to do the same. The second blog is another great approach as well. I agree with your comment because I think we all get bogged down at times with all the new techniques that are thrown at us. This will certainly serve as a reminder to me that just because it is the newest method does not necessarily mean it is the best. As future educators we have to find what works best for us and for our students. Great job!